IBM Partner Engagement Manager

Partner Manager helps companies and their partner companies do business. This B2B software is the hub for client onboarding, activity management, and communication. Traditional client onboarding processes are often manual, done through e-mail, and become overwhelming to maintain for large companies dealing with hundreds or thousands of partner relationships. 


My design team was tasked at creating a complete redesign of the exiting product. Making sense of the domain, Investigating existing practices, Documenting user feedback, and Crafting a design concept. Our final deliverable was an end to end user journey that addressed needs discovered during interviews and contextual inquiry. 

User Needs

Communication between users and clients is imperative for maintaining a successful business relationship. From user feedback and contextual inquiry, it became obvious that communication in existing software was muddled and indirect. With MRM, communication should become more direct, personal, and trackable.

Repetitive tasks are inherent to Relationship Management considering the large scale of customers and the nature of onboarding processes. Our design would allow the user to maintain and update existing templates for activities and relevant groups of users. Thus placing the burden of repetition on the system and easing the users pain.