Project Timeframe: 6 weeks  |  Team: 5 designers  |  My role: UX & visual


Watson Discovery Advisor (WDA) is a tool for researchers who are motivated by discovery. They have distinct needs to delve deep into subject matte and often possess a great depth of knowledge. With massive influxes of information, even these data experts find it difficult to stay on top of their field. 

This envisioning project focused on improving the WDA experience for government Intelligence Analysts. My team explored ways of helping users understand how Watson interprets their questions and how users can best follow up to get exactly what they are looking for. Through in-depth interviews and contextual inquiry, we were able to gain insights into our users' needs and motivations. 

Project Objectives

  • Design a transformational user experience for the Discovery Advisor product so that researchers can refine and inform their hypotheses and draw conclusions from large sets of data.
  • Provide researchers with visibility into how Watson arrived at the evidence so that they can further improve their discovery while also improving the accuracy of Watson’s capabilities.
  • Provide methods for researchers to organize their insights and keep informed about their field of study.

WDA Answers Page

The Answers page allows users to understand why a given answer was surfaced based on the type of supporting evidence. Users can filter, save, and expand articles to see how Watson’s results pertain to your question. 

Question Editing

Watson Discovery Advisor utilizes natural language processing so users can ask question like it’s a human. Editing a question allows users to add or remove affinity terms to affect the context of the question. This helps WDA’s return more relevant answers.

Research & Process Booklet

Click to view the .pdf version of the Research Booklet.

Click to view the .pdf version of the Research Booklet.

To document our journey and findings, my team created a research booklet. The goal of the booklet was to help newly hired designers understand the product and to capture our research for future design work. In the booklet we highlight our strategy, findings, and guiding themes that were used to develop our final concept.